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August 13, 2012
Mimi Chen
Daron Harris - correspondent
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The interview

Mimi Chen is a Los Angeles, California based radio host and spokesmodel. Her program, “Peace Love and Sunday Mornings”, airs on “The Sound”,KSWD FM 100.3 in L.A. When she’s not on the air, Mimi works as an Ambassador of Wow for Jamba Juice. Mimi and her husband founded Cognitive Code, a company specializing in conversational Artificial Intelligence.
DS: How did you hear about Dailysingle? What are you expecting from being on the front page?
Mimi Chen: I was emailed by correspondent D.K. Harris after I posted a note in a music forum. As far as expectations - the excitement of showing it to my mom and dad.
DS: What are the most memorable years of your life and what happened to make them so memorable?
Mimi Chen: I think every year is memorable. Life truly is short and one must relish every moment, the ups and the downs. My philosophy is that in order to know exactly what is wonderful in the world, one should experience the down side of life as well.

Obviously, as an Ambassador of Wow for Jamba Juice, I adore getting their great Acai Super-Antioxidant smoothie for a simple fast meal.

DS: How would you best describe yourself?
Mimi Chen: Multi-tasking, curious, open-minded, fair, trustworthy
DS: What are the must-haves in your daily wardrobe?
Mimi Chen: Black and Black. Everyone I know complains about the monochromatic scheme of my everyday wear. Tough noogies!
Mimi Chen : In the studio!
In the studio!
DS: Who do people tell you you look like?
Mimi Chen: I’m Chinese and apparently we all look alike.
DS: How did you end-up being a radio DJ & Jamba Juice Spokesmodel?
Mimi Chen: It was an accident. In college I had a good friend who wanted very badly to be a DJ. So I let him drag me to the college radio station, WPRB, the station for Princeton University. In those days we had to take an engineering test to be on the air, and I let him drag me to that as well. I studied for the test on the train. Couldn’t understand much of the technical lingo and figured I wouldn’t get very far, so I ended up guessing on all of my answers. Amazingly, my guy friend, who had studied furiously for it, flunked it, but I passed. Viva multiple choice and luck! I’ll address my other roles below.

The Question

“What can you do to promote peace in our world? Think Chaos Theory - wings of a butterfly producing a tornado on the other side of the world”

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DS: Can you tell us more about your job?
Mimi Chen: I don’t really consider radio a job.’ It’s that old adage; Find something you really love, and it never feels like work. – Where else can you get paid to sit, play music you like and talk to friends? On the other hand, I’m currently wearing the entrepreneur hat - the hardest occupation of all. 6 years ago, my husband and I co-founded a tech company called Cognitive Code, specializing in conversational Artificial Intelligence, and yes, it works amazingly similar to the one on the iPhone 4. Our tech is similar but not at all the same; You may ask the other one questions and she answers, but you can have a conversation with SILVIA. Also, SILVIA remembers what your preferences are and remembers what you’ve been talking about. The other big difference is that there are concerns about privacy in the other tech. With SILVIA, all your data resides on the phone and is heavily encrypted. Even CogCode doesn’t have access to your private info.
Mimi Chen
DS: Let's talk more about you and your tastes. Any hobbies? What do you like to do in your free time? Any thing you like and recommend?
Mimi Chen: I’m a singer and musician. So I try to get in some singing and music making. Gets a little challenging with all the chores and jobs I have to do. I also have two kids and they are a full-time job (as any mother knows!) I recommend for anyone who doesn't - to always try learning something new. You aren't too old to learn to play the piano!
DS: What is a typical week for Mimi Chen?
Mimi Chen: Weekends - I’m working both Saturday and Sunday mornings at The Sound. I also do a fair amount of prep work as Sunday features my specialty show called “”Peace, Love and Sunday Mornings”” it’s a show that promotes the sound of Laurel Canyon and yes, Peace and Love. Two concepts that don’t belong to any generation. My listeners are the most wonderful listeners in the world as they are all kind and caring people. I’m the anti-shock jock. The rest of the week is spent in meetings and/or at the computer for our tech start-up. That and auditioning because I also like to act, and I have a great agent who gets me auditions.
DS: Some quick questions: What is the first thing you do in the morning?
Mimi Chen: Either I do a workout or check email. I try to do both, but lately it’s been leaning more towards the email. This is not a good thing as we all know that too much sitting is what leads to higher rates of obesity and mortality. With that reminder, I think I’m going to take a break and do some exercise right now!
DS: What is your favorite restaurant in Los Angeles?
Mimi Chen: Obviously, as an Ambassador of Wow for Jamba Juice, I adore getting their great Acai Super-Antioxidant smoothie for a simple fast meal. Of course, I know that technically Jamba Juice isn’t a restaurant, but they do have a great array of foods you can pick up quick if you are on the go. But getting back to the basic question, I don’t really have a favorite restaurant as I don’t normally eat out much. I’m not fancy at all. I like my food simple and not fussed over. So I favor restaurants like the little burrito shop down the street for a vegetarian burrito. Or maybe some vegetable soup with Tofu at any good Thai restaurant. I do enjoy Chevy’s though. They have a tortilla machine that makes fresh tortillas and is always fun to watch. Plus, they offer very fresh and yummy food.
DS: What is your favorite song today? Of all time?
Mimi Chen: Today I am listening to Mumford and Son’s version of The Boxer. My favorite song of all time varies depending on my mood of the day, lol. Right now, my favorite song of all time is James Taylor “”Sweet Baby James””
DS: What is your favorite "drug"?
Mimi Chen: My favorite drug is being with my family and friends, nothing makes me happier than hanging out with people I love.

The photo shoot

Mimi Chen
Mimi Chen : On the Air.
Mimi Chen : In the studio!
Mimi Chen : Mimi Chen as Jamba Juice(tm) spokesmodel.
DS: What is in store for you? Any key projects for the next months? Anything you want to share? Can our readers help you with anything?
Mimi Chen: I think I’m going to bump up the entrepreneurial efforts more at getting our tech SILVIA out there. We did post a Kickstarter project, but realized that the general population has a bigger taste for gadgets than technology. However, we’re chalking this project up for a good learning experience. You can check it out here: I’ve been dragged into some fun projects, those ‘leave your brains at the door’webisodes, One of them is called “Callbacks” and it’s written by a gal named Toks Olagundoye. Toks is a drop dead gorgeous girl who also acts and will be starring in a show that was just picked up by ABC called “”The Neighbors”” about a typical American family who moves next door to aliens.
DS: Anything you want to add to close this interview?
Mimi Chen: I’d like to remind everyone to try to “Pass the Peace.” One of my pet side projects is my Facebook page promoting peace. I encourage people to use the Peace Sign in their lives instead of the finger. If you have time, upload a photo of yourself using the Peace sign on that page. It’s at Thanks and Peace
DS: Thank you Mimi Chen
Mimi Chen: Hey, thanks to Daron and Dailysingle for letting invade your space here!

The wall

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