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March 21, 2012
Skip Martin
Daron Interview
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The interview

Skip Martin is an internationally renowned, Grammy Award winning musician. He is best known from his work as the front man of the DAZZ band, a legendary, funk and R&B band, and for 20 years he worked as the lead singer of Kool & The Gang. Skip is also CEO of his own music company, Sound Success Inc., and amongst other things is a writer of children’s books. Skip is currently based in Las Vegas, Nevada.
DS: How did you hear about Dailysingle? What are you expecting from being on the front page?
Skip Martin: I heard through my musical friend TOMOKO. She was featured at Dailysingle last year. I am expecting this to be a very nice experience.
DS: What are the most memorable years of your life and what happened to make them so memorable?
Skip Martin: When the Dazz Band received our Grammy Awards back in 1982. We had a number one record ‘Let It Whip,’ and I enjoyed the spectacle of celebritydom!

I produce and write music, and I nurture new talents. You might be surprised to learn that this includes writing children's books.

DS: How would you best describe yourself?
Skip Martin: Passionate, talented, intelligent, humble, visionary, likable, strong-willed, independent, nurturing, and funny.
DS: What are the must-haves in your daily wardrobe?
Skip Martin: A hat, and comfortable shoes are a must.
Skip Martin : DAZZ Band
DS: Who do people tell you you look like?
Skip Martin: Brian McNight and Martin Lawrence. I’ll take it!
DS: How did you end-up being a Grammy Award winning musician?
Skip Martin: I started playing trumpet at age 11 in school, and became a professional player by the age of 15.

The Question

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DS: Can you tell us more about your job?
Skip Martin: I produce and write music, and I nurture new talents. You might be surprised to learn that this includes writing children’s books. As far as my history up until now, many people will know me as the lead singer of the top R&B and funk group, DAZZ Band. We are celebrating our 35th year now! We really did a unique thing with the melding of Jazz with danceable stuff (DAZZ = “danceable jazz”). Simultaneously, I have also worked as the lead singer for the world famous group, Kool & Gang, for 20 years. I am sure your readers are aware of them. All of these experiences have blessed me with being able to tour the entire world and reach people and places I never thought imaginable.

The video

Skip Martin-When
DS: Let's talk more about you and your tastes. Any hobbies? What do you like to do in your free time? Any thing you like and recommend?
Skip Martin: Fishing! I am an outdoors man. I recommend fishing in Canada.
DS: What is a typical week for Skip Martin?
Skip Martin: Meetings, more meetings, and performing and recording.
DS: Some quick questions: What is the first thing you do in the morning?
Skip Martin: Taking a shower and eating breakfast.
DS: What is your favorite restaurant in Las Vegas?
Skip Martin: Lux Café in The Venetian Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada The corn beef hash is off the chain!
DS: What is your favorite song today? Of all time?
Skip Martin: ‘Can You Wind?’ (Which is going to be my new single.) ‘Let It Whip’ is my favorite song of all time. I am so thankful for it and the many doors it opened.
DS: What is your favorite "drug"?
Skip Martin: Playing my music.

The photo shoot

Skip Martin : DAZZ Band
Skip Martin : DAZZ Band
Skip Martin
Skip Martin
DS: What is in store for you? Any key projects for the next months? Anything you want to share? Can our readers help you with anything?
Skip Martin: A big year for Skip Martin Project; Television cooking show, Masters of Funk concert dates, Illustrating my new children’s book ‘Morgan the Clydesdale Pony’, Promoting old school concerts and the brand-new Dazz Band CDs and Skip Martin’s new self-titled CDs, just to name a few.
DS: Anything you want to add to close this interview?
Skip Martin: I would like to thank your readers who may already be fans for supporting me over the years. To the folks that haven’t encountered me until now, I am thankful for this opportunity to meet you. Check out some of my work such as my three solo album projects, “Miles High” (2006) which is a smooth jazz trumpet album, “From the Heart,”(2007) which is a collection of R&B ballads, and “Formal Dining” (2009), my latest and greatest! I hope that in the future I can continue to administrate a soul vaccination of my music and visions to my many fans around the world. I owe you my ultimate gratitude, and I want to thank you in advance for remembering me and keeping my music and spirit alive.
DS: Thank you Skip Martin
Skip Martin: The pleasure was all mine!

The wall

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