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\sin.gle\ adj.

Definition:   unique
Synonyms:  distinguished, especial, exceptional, exclusiveoriginal, particular, rare, singular, special, unrivaled, without equal

DailySingle features a daily profile of a compelling person in the community. “Compelling” can mean many things – changing the world, creating great art, or just being an individual – but each featured person is, in some unique way, is truly (and authentically) grappling with the eternal challenge of being human.
To the reader, DailySingle provides a window into those people. You may be inspired, you may be compelled, you may simply be entertained. But hopefully, on mostdays, you’re curious to know just a little bit more.
To the "Single", DailySingle is a chance to strut your stuff to interested observers. It’s one part promotional tool, one part stage, one part echo chamber. But it’s a classy step, a way to cut through the ever-growing (and cheapening) anonymity of the Internet.
To the advertiser, DailySingle provides a unique audience of influencers – people who care about the people who are changing our world and affecting our values, tastes, and style. And DailySingle’s format – a virtual magazine cover – is a visually arresting way to capture the attention of these potential buyers.

Discover everyday the first online interactive magazine cover.

Who are we?

Simon Berger-Perrin. Founder.
Simon launched his first homemade social network "What's up in Paris?" back in 1998 in France. At the time he was scanning his friends photos himself and the only way to update your profile was to email or call him and tell him what to change :)
After two years in the Silicon Valley he was back in France to work in Marketing on many interactive projects. Working for Meetic, the European leader of Online Dating, he launched Friendset in 2004. It was the first French Social Network as we know them today which reached over 500,000 members in less than a year…
Now in NYC Simon decided to launch the Dailysingle project after realizing that social networks and online communities were now overcrowded, time consuming and that all profiles, interesting or not, had the same level of exposure.

Dailysingle is financed by angel investors among which successful serial entrepreneurs like Fabrice Grinda (Aucland, Zingy, OLX) and Marc Simoncini (iFrance, Meetic)


D.K. Harris brings his 15 years + of experience in the radio, music, and entertainment businesses to the table each time he writes about creative and gifted people.  He’s worked and learned from some of the most creative artistic geniuses of our time ranging from architect/designer, Michael Graves, to multiple Grammy award winner, Roberta Flack, for whom he managed business for over 8 years.  His time promoting James Brown concerts and working directly with the Godfather of Soul has permanently instilled upon him a religious belief in the power and importance of showmanship and refined raw talent on the live stage.  Most recently, Daron was the contributing author of over 1,000 song reviews to the presently available publication, “Karaoke Jungle: The Singer’s Almanac.” His hobbies include a love of all of the arts, and he enjoys painting, drawing, sculpture and medieval style manuscript illumination, along with cooking fine cuisine.  An amateur singer himself, he is now participating in finals rounds of the New York portion of the Karaoke World Championship.  Daron is a graduate of Princeton University, hails from Alabama, and he formerly lived in South Korea where he taught English composition and essay craft to students of all ages.  He now resides in New York City.

We are hiring

Are you a journalist at heart? Are you passionate about interviewing the coolest, most interesting people in New York (and around the globe)? And are you interested in an interviewing challenge?
DailySingle is growing our pool of interviewers (freelance).
Your role will be to find and interview personalities - "Singles" - for our daily cover.  You'll use our questionnaire – think Proust Questionnaire for the hip set – to help our readers really get to know each individual who lands in their email box.
Successful interviews are completed, engaging profiles of unique people. You'll also be responsible for getting at least 4 high-res photos (can be supplied by the Single), contact information (including website / blog / twitter feeds), plus any related collateral (an MP3 file if, say, there's an original song or snippet to include).
You'll get a byline. And – btw – we pay our profilers. Did we mention that?

If you're interested, drop us a note to jobs@dailysingle.com, subject line "Interviewers". Please include a brief writing sample (ideally an interview or a profile).

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